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You are in a hostile world. Everyone is out to get you. Guards, farmers, attack dogs- everything will kill you dead.

The City of Fairlandia is the shining beacon of hope. It is also the last place you want to go, but the shamans have volunteered you in this quest. So a group of unlikely heroes must gather their parties before venturing forth in search of The Thunderstone.

Kobold Culture

All kobolds have True Names. Their names should be descriptive of who they are. For example, Smite-The-Evil-Damsels and Dies-First are both viable names. The more specific to personality, the better.

All kobolds follow the god Mo-Jhaal. He is a fickle god that must be appeased, but may grant you great luck in unusual circumstances.


The system is 4e D&D.

Races: You are a kobold, but you can play any non-human race as a variant of the kobold species.

Leveling: You start at level 1. You gain 2 levels every session that your kobold survives.

Items: You don’t have starting items, but instead we’ll give them out as item cards. If you need a particular weapon/armor-style, let me know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Action Points: You reset to 1 Action Point at the start of every session. If you bring beer, chips, etc. and offer praise to the Great Kobold God Mo-Jhaal as your Kobold in the game, you can gain another Action Point.

In addition to what you can normally do with Action Points, you may call upon Mo-Jhaal to spend an action point to re-roll any d20/crit chart roll you make (or one that is made against you).

Critical Charts: These exist for anyone that rolls 20’s and 1’s.

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